Hello World

This is it, I’m officially a blogger. I am sick of not being blogger. I happen to spend some of my time in the weekends reading other’s blogs (promise to write a future post about my inspirations) and I couldn’t be more delighted by some stuff you find (if you are going to click only in one link in this blog, let it be this one: cirosantilli.com). I’ve been wanting to open a blog for a while and now I finally made it.

$ ~ whoami
  • My name is Julián (Jules for friends). Apart from being my name, it’s a town in US. Alternatively you can have a laugh at the Urban Dictionary page.
  • I’m from Spain (thus the accent in the á), specifically from a beautiful city in the south, Sevilla.
  • At the time I’m writing this, I’m studying third year of Computer Science.
  • You can look at a picture of me in the About page.
Why this blog?

My main interest when writing this blog is to share my vision about the things I like. That being said, I don’t have any particular aim for the future: I just do it because I like it. I honestly don’t care about “number of clicks” or “audience retention”, and that’s why you will never see an ad.

The content will go from technical to shower thoughts. I love teaching so I will post guides and tutorials from time to time.

I have multiples ways of contact (About page) and you, my dear reader, can also comment below - don’t be afraid of doing so!

Peace, Julián.